ODM Aluminum cast Motorcycle parts

adjustable ipad stand, tablet stand holders。

Please see our auto spare parts products they are all customized parts we make the dies and make products for customers .

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Please see our motorcycle spare parts products they are all customized parts we make the dies and make products for customers .

FANGCHEN has a professional and senior mold engineering team, providing optimal mold solution to customers based on their requirements in order to guarantee the products quality and mold life.

Motorcycle spare parts tool usually g need to use our 200-600T machine to produce.We can mass produce the parts with thin wall thickness as 1.0mm.We have accumulated rich experience on internal porosity and air tightness control in thick-wall die casting parts.

We use common materials are ADC12, A380 and A360. Other materials also can be customized based on client’s requirements . We have stable Material supplier in Shanghai and Jiangsu Province . Every time material get into our factory we will make the inspection of the material elements and leave record for future trail .



1. How to get a quotation ?

Please send your 2D drawings (in PDF format) and 3D model in IGS or Stp format with the required material , annual usage or lot qty to us .

2.What is the MOQ?

According to the part , material etc. For some parts , 1 piece is also acceptable

3.What is your advantage ?

Based on strict quality control management, in-housing inspection , fast response, we will offer you best service for casting , machining and sheet metal parts with most favorable unit price and freight cost .

4.Do you have in-house engineering capability ?

Yes, we have engineers to do OEM or ODM and can offer you some suggestions based on the actual production

5.Do you have in-house inspection capability ?

We do general inspection in-house ,such as material spectrometer test , physical properties test,CMM inspection , dimension inspection with gauge , X-ray NDT test but for CT scan we need out sourcing 


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