All kinds of ODM Aluminum casting parts A380 ADC12

adjustable ipad stand, tablet stand holders。

Please see our auto spare parts products they are all customized parts we make the dies and make products for customers .

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Please see our other products they are all customized parts we make the dies and make products for customers . All die-casting parts can be made by us with OEM as customer needs .

FANGCHEN has a professional and senior mold engineering team, providing optimal mold solution to customers based on their requirements in order to guarantee the products quality and mold life. We make the dies with MEGAMA Flow system . And after the simulation result get without any problem we go for die design .

We make die-casting by use our 200T-1250T machine.We can mass produce the parts with thin wall thickness as 1.0mm.We have accumulated rich experience on internal porosity and air tightness control in thick-wall die casting parts.

We use common materials are ADC12, A380 and A360. Other materials also can be customized based on client’s requirements . We have stable Material supplier in Shanghai and Jiangsu Province . Every time material get into our factory we will make the inspection of the material elements and leave record for future trail .

Our step to make the parts for customer as follow :
1-Get confirmation of the the customized Drawing
2-Start the design of the die
3-Make the die meanwhile analyze on the surface treatment
4-After Die ready make trail
5-Get the samples and make CMM inspection by following the Customized Drawing
6-After CMM report given “green light” , send samples to customer end for checking
7-After customer confirm the final parts , we will make the trail production like 100-1000 for first order
8-After customer confirm the trail production , we will follow customers order for future produce

Fangchen workers follow the steps strictly , every step can be trail if any problem on the products were find we can find out the problem and solve the problem in short time . And promise you to give you the best solutions for castings that you want to make in all kinds of fields .

What are the components of a casting?

There are six steps to this process:

Place the pattern in the sand to create the mold.

Design and sand are incorporated into the pouring system.

Remove the pattern.

Fill the cavity with molten metal.

Let the metal cool.

Break the sand mold and remove the casting.

One typical method for casting aluminum is to pour molten aluminum into a steel mold that has been precision processed to ensure that the cast piece will have an exceptionally smooth and refined surface. This particular process is one of several methods used to produce aluminum castings, each of which is used for the creation of specific types of parts.

A variation in the casting processes is the type of mold, which can be permanently made of steel or temporarily made of a non-metallic material. Each of the types of castings have their benefits and are depended on for their reliability and product quality.

In order to discuss the aluminum casting process, it is necessary to examine each of the different distinct methods and how they are used since there isn‘t just one process. Though there are manufacturers who specialize in one or several methods, many producers offer customers a choice as to which process they would prefer.

The Aluminum Casting Process
Permanent Mold Casting
Much of the expense of aluminum permanent mold casting is the machining and shaping of the mold, which is normally made from gray iron or steel. The mold is shaped into the geometric shape of the designed part with the specifications and shape of the part divided into two halves. In the injection process, the halves of the mold are tightly sealed such that no air or contaminants are present. The mold is heated prior to the pouring of the molten aluminum, which can be ladled or injected.

At the completion of the process, the mold is allowed to cool to allow the aluminum part to solidify. Once cooled, the part is rapidly removed from the mold to prevent the formation of defects.

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