Aluminum die casting: automobile lightweight drive erupts, leading advantage of industrial chain highlights

Auto parts die-casting parts mainly include stamping, casting and forging.  The trend of lightweight automobile and the rapid growth of new energy vehicle market have increased the demand for aluminum used in automobile, and the key parts are developing towards the direction of high-pressure die-casting, large-scale and integration.

The advantages of the integrated die casting process include: reducing the manufacturing cost of a single vehicle (the cost can be reduced by 40% after the back floor of Model Y, a steel-aluminum hybrid Model, is made into an integrated die casting of aluminum alloy, and the cost is expected to be reduced or higher after the application of integrated die casting of all-aluminum alloy body);  Reduce cumulative error and improve yield;  Simplify the manufacturing process and supply chain cycle to improve production efficiency.

Aluminum die casting industry in China are still numerous manufacturers mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly produces ordinary die-casting products such as hardware, lamps, toys, small enterprise scale, the low level of equipment, price competition is intense, enterprise efficiency is low, only a handful of large die casting enterprise with advanced production technology and equipment, can produce the products meet the requirements of the auto parts with high precision.

From the perspective of industrial chain, enterprises with earlier capacity layout and technological reserve have the first-mover advantage.
New energy vehicles have a strong demand for weight reduction, which is one of the important driving forces for integrated die-casting of automobiles.  Driven by the demand of lightweight, with the further improvement of aluminum alloy material application technology, its application scope in the automotive field will gradually extend to the hood, fender, door, rear car, roof, vehicle body and other large parts of steel castings.  Aluminum die casting parts to large-scale, integrated development, the industry ushered in a broad space for development.

Post time: May-19-2022